Saturday, 30 October 2010

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Shu Uemura

Check out these latest craze eyelashes from Shu Uemura, who truly offer art in beauty. What a wonderful new way of updating ones look!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Who wore it Best?

I'm sorry, but whaaat? Who wore it best? Well officially, it seems that everyone prefers Blake's look apart from me. Who would have through that a boring up do and nude heels would rock this short-sleeved navy tweed dress with a sheer center panel from Chanel's latest resort collection. So not Blake's territory so why is she attempting it? I think the answer is pretty obvious, that Alexa's chic quirkiness does this dress some justice. Teaming it with alternative black loafers and a simple black clutch, she definitely gets my vote. You know you love me, XOXO

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Emporio Armani comes to Serbia

Giorgio Armani has finally opened an Emporio Armani store in Belgrade, Serbia. Think it's about time I get on a plane & visit the folks back home whilst visiting this new spectacle of stunning retail design.

Lagerfeld Land

Vogue has just announced that the famous face of Chanel will be creating his very own island off the coast of Dubai, called Isla Moda! I am so blooody excited that one of my favourite fashion icons will be collaborating with yet another architecture group. This will be a great reference in my current study dissertation, which looks at the links between architects and fashion designers.
The island will host 150 lavish residential unites and 3 luxury hotels.

'In collaboration with the worlds most renowned fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld and KOR Hotel Group, Isla Moda is a resort complex that comprises 3 hotels, and 150 residential units ona manmade island 20km off the coast of Dubai. Inspired by the floating palaces of India, and the modern day equivalent the cruise ship, Isla moda distinguishes itself from other thematic reincarnations in The World by celebrating the notion of manmade and the attempts authenticity within this simulacra of the real world. Utilizing ship building techniques, the fabricated island evolves from an intrinsic understanding of the nuances of style and fashion, and their inextricable link to the possibilities of how life can and should experienced. When woven into the lived environment, it reaches an apogee through a symphonic balance between architecture and an elevated natural environment. A monolithic volume 1050ft x 705 ft x 60 ft the physical embodiment of the Golden Rule, is intricately carved to establish maximum diversity of experience and typology.'

Clog Rebirth

Whether you like this Dutch shoe or not, I'm pretty happy to say that it'll stick with us this season. With the likes of Alexa Chung sporting them from her day-night look, the trend has caught on everywhere else!

I'm desperate for a black slingback pair,or even the tassell set designed by Alexa for Madewell.

Friday, 8 October 2010


Lascivious is the first and last word in experimental and indulgent directional lingerie. Simple, sophisticated, but sexy. This brand is one of my favourites, sadly I have not yet purchased a single set. Let's hope the money rolls in soon!

That's Hot

The return of the beloved 80's geek glasses has had me reaching for the oversize specs! These chic tortoishell frames remind me of my nans specs, but who cares, the new white & brown tortoishell combination brings them right into 21st Century. That's hot.


Paris-based lighting designer Matheiu Challieres has created a series of strange copper-wire lamps housing delicate birds of every colour. Warming and delicate, the fantastic whimsy of these pieces lures us out of the safety of modernism into a brave new world where illusion is king and rooms are transformed by avian mirages. What a dream to be a bird! La Voliere Shade £330

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Miu Miu Cat Fever

Just, amazing.

Return of the Turban

I'm loving the new trend of the exotic turban! The past look from World War II when they were first used as part of factory uniform has reworked onto our catwalks today in beautiful silks & velvets. Who thought you could disguise your mangled locks in such an elegant fashion. My favourite has got to be the Prada turban/head wrap which costs around $250. Better start saving!