Thursday, 8 September 2011

Ambitious People are Never Satisfied...

It has come up to a point where I've had plenty of time to re-evaluate my life. Having graduated this June, I am now searching for full time employment. But I didn't quiet realise just how difficult it is. Few interviews have come and gone, but I decided weren't quiet right. It's difficult. We all want the right job, in an appealing location, at a reputable company with the right pay, but I don't feel I'm being picky. I just want a design position in or around London. How hard is it to find? Extremely actually since it seems London is the place everyone want to be.

I am extremely ambitious and passionate about what I do, always dreaming of the future when I'll design inspiring spaces in galleries/museums/stores etc. So why has no-one realised my potential yet? How am I suppose to get a job when 2years experience after uni is required, and work experience positions are extremely limited. I am not happy right now. I know that position is somewhere out there, but unlike others, I haven't been lucky to find it. It's a shame that my skills and enthusiasm in the field are not being utilised.

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